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Pre-plan Funeral, Burial & Cremation
 - Think ahead for your beloved  
 - Think ahead for yourself  
 - Eliminate guess work
 - Eliminate confusion  
 - Manage a controllable budget  

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Plan for elder or illness

No one wants to think about the death. Yet, sooner or later, one will face. The question is how to prepare the funeral during the difficult time of deepest grief and sorrow. The other question is how to control the expenses not too over burnden the left behind while arranging the funeral in the meaningful ways and in such a way to honour the love-one.

It is not easy to make the decision during the time of great sorrow. Without proper care and guidance, the options and information surrounding funeral and arrangement planning can seem overwhelming at an already complicated time.

Eliminate the guesswok for your family and let Mindkoncept Memorial to take the responsibility for your funeral arrangement. We assure your love-one is being honoured by our professionals.

Plan for Yourself

Think ahead for yourself. If you are expat or foreigner in country other than your home land. If unexpected mishap happens, who will take care the funeral process for you.

Think ahead for yourself. If you do not want to put a burnden to your children and left-behind and safeguard unneccessary expenses from your family, children or left behind when you pass away.

Think ahead for yourself. If you are only a Christian in your family and you want to have a peace of mind when time comes and want to arrange the traditional christian funeral for yourself. Who will arrange for you?

Personalize the services at your own's will will choices funeral theme, flowers decorations and church service. Pre-planning help safeguard funeral expenses within your own's preference.

Please feel free to contact us for more detail, our team assure you with our best attention

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