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Wedding Day is the greatest moment of bride and groom. It is the moment that all people including guests wants to share and keep the best moment in their memories.

The crucial things that bride and goom do not want to miss out are the happiness and the moment of good memory to keep.

How to make the Wedding Day become the greatest moment and keep its meaningful for everlast?

Mindkoncept Memorial provides Christian wedding arrangement in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We offer Traditional Christian Wedding Concept Design, plan and organize the wedding the way it represents bride and groom 's identity.

The wedding arrangement includes wedding them design, flower decorations, bouquet for groom, church service, music during the custom, catering and photographing on the wedding day.

For wedding required a unique theme to make it memorable, choices of seasonal flowers and theme set up can be made.

Traditional Christian wedding normally performed at the Christian church. A custom requires bride and groom to take the preparation course "guidance for new christian family" at the church 3-4 week prior the wedding day.

Our team assure you the tradition Christian wedding will be meaningful and memorable.

Let Mindkoncept designs the concept for you.

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Traditional Christian Wedding  
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Please feel free to contact us for more detail, our team assure you with our best attention

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