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Frequently Asks & Questions
- About Mindkoncept Memorial  
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- About "One-Stop Service"
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1. Who is Mindkoncept Memorial?

Mindkoncept Memorial (so called “Mindkoncept”) is a group of professional aims to help the left-behind and the family to deal with the hardest time.

2. What type of services Mindkoncept provide?

We provide traditional funeral planning, funeral arrangement, florist for funeral, catering for funeral, traditional burial, cremation and grave-site service.

We also provide memorial service, wedding celebration and special event arrangement.

3. What does “one-stop service funeral” mean?

One-stop funeral service means we take care all complication of funeral process for you, starting from taking the body from the hospital/home, coordinating with the authorities, arranging the casket, planning the hosted chapel, taking care of all traditional customs until the burial / cremation process.

Simply is, you take care guest invitation and we take care all the rest.

4. What does “Traditional funeral service” means?

- Traditional funeral service means funeral arrangement in accordance with religious belief.

- Traditional Christian funeral includes church services, pray and burial at the grave-site. The church services handled by pastor.

- Traditional Budhist funeral includes temple services and cremation.

5. Why do I need Mindkoncept’s services?

The funeral always comes sudden without prior planning and you will have a very short time to handle of process. How can you honour the pass-away the way he/she wishes , is a simple question. The hardest part is how can you handle them all while you are in the deep grief.

Mindkoncept help you to think and taking care all handful complications. The funeral will be carefully planned and your love-one will be honoured with our professional care.

All in all, we help plan and arrange the funeral by the professional with the cost efficiency while honour the love-one with elegance, personalized and respect.



6. Where will the services be rendered?

Currently, our Thailand geographical area of services includes Chiang Mai, Lamphoon, Lampang and Chiang Rai. For other area beyond above-mentioned, we can arrange with additional charges.

7. How can I contact Mindkoncept?

You can reach us by: 24 hours-call : at +6681-534-1900 or email us at

Or our office is located at 131 M.7 Sankhampaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50130

Operation office is located at 10 M. 3 Saraphee, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50140

8. When should I contact Mindkoncept?

- When the love-one is seriously ill, we can help plan the funeral at his/her own wish with choices of flowers and theme.

- When the love-one immediately passes away, we can advice the funeral procedures.

- When the love-one passed away and transferred from other location, we can help coordinate and arrange the funeral service.

- When you feel that you are alone or do not want to put the burden to the left-behinds and would like to design your own funeral in the future, we can advice the pre-planning.

9. Can I request Mindkoncept Memorial's brochure?

You can download our Thai brochure here and English brochure here.

Should all the answers provided above do not answer your questions, please feel free to contact us for more detail, our team assure you with our best attention

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